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Red River R/C Flyers The INTERNATIONAL 2022

((An UPDATED FLYER will be coming soon))

Scroll Further Down for Links to Previous Club Pictures sorted by month. Facebook is also a great place to find updated member pics.

(Club pictures have not been updated for some time) Bear with us as our Website person is very busy these days

Yours in the Hobby, The Red River R/C Flyers Club

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Indoor Winter Flying – Weekly (Wednesdays)

Our 2021-2022 Weekly Winter Indoor flying Kicked off on December 1st, 2020 at the UND Hyslop in Grand Forks. Be sure to check out the events page or the Facebook page for more information on these events.

Indoor Flying at the Hyslop just like our regular club flying requires you to have an active AMA membership that you may be asked to show each night you are there. There is a $10/night landing fee for each member to cover the cost of the building rental. Each member can bring and fly as many planes as they wish, but is limited to Foam airplanes up to a 12oz weight. Pilots are encouraged to bring a small table and lawn chair for the night. Food and Drinks are allowed but as the time window is only 2 hours please plan accordingly. There are onsite bathrooms as well. Normal flight-line consists of up to 6 aircraft at a time. While midair collisions are not regular, they can and do happen on occasion.

Each Pilot is required to have filled out a UND waiver form before you are allowed to fly. The file is currently available on the Club Facebook page for those that need it.

Our Indoor Flying will start around 7pm and run until 9pm. We may be in here longer, but that will all depend on the day
Thank you for understanding.

Designated Outdoor Weekly Flying Has all but come to an end .

Weekly Outdoor flying at the Flying field is still happening, but limited to the nicer days and some special events. Be sure to check Google maps for the location of the field should you need help locating them. Flight instructors will not be at the Field now for lessons during the Winter Months. Please follow the Facebook page for the most up to date information on when people are saying they will be there.

There are many fun events in the book for the 2022 flying year. Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date info.

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