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2nd International Fun Fly January 19th, 2019

The Red River R/C Flyers “The International” happened yesterday at the UND High Performance center in Grand Forks, ND.. The event was attended by many Pilots from around the area, as well as all around the US. There were pilots that made the trip down from Canada to take part in the Flying Fun through the day. A lot of fun was had by all who attended. There was a Flying simulator set up in the upstairs balcony for everyone to try their hand at flying. The Drone guys had a couple courses set up on the North side of the Field, and were running races most of the day. There were also a full line of different sized planes and helicopters all the way down the field. There will be a Video put together featuring some of the content from the event and it will be shared around.

If you were at the event, please let us know what your thoughts were.. If there were things you really liked, or even if there were things you want to see in the future..

Thank you for your Input and Coming to enjoy the day with us.

Yours in the Hobby, Jeff Muhlenkort

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